What does an experiential training program look like? We often tread lightly when it comes to video taping our clients as we want to make sure that everyone feels safe in order to get the most out of the session. We have a few composite videos made from photographs that definitely give a good idea of what our experiential training programs are all about!

Lisa Safran and Laura Derry spent a day with the Communications Team of the San Francisco Public Utility Commission. It was a full day off-site retreat and what a great group they were! They even created a short video/slide show to share with us. Thank you SFPUC!!

We work with you to develop a strategic plan or vision for the team/company! We also do team building, leadership training, and communications training! Our specialty is helping individuals and teams improve internal communication- we leave creating press releases and that type of communication to others!

If you are looking for something fun and engaging but also want to walk away with concrete skills and new ways of working with each other, then applied improvisation and experiential training is definitely for you!


Fun with the SFPUC Annual Retreat

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