In addition to business training, we offer coaching in the following areas:

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  • Executive Coaching & Executive Presence
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication Coaching
  • Interview Coaching & Prep
  • Using Story to Engage Your Audience or Your Clients
  • Feedback Sessions

To determine the best coaching program, we recommend that you schedule an intake session. During this session we will work together to clarify goals and design the appropriate coaching package to meet your unique needs. Please email or call us today to schedule.

We are available for in person appointments in San Rafael, or by phone or SKYPE.
Creativity Coaching


Creativity Coaching is similar to life coaching, but focuses more specifically on your creative work or making your life more creative! Creativity coaching sessions provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore creative solutions to moving out of being stuck. It will support bringing more “play” into your life. It will empower you to think and act differently so that you love the life you’ve created! It’s an opportunity to practice and develop increased spontaneity and confidence in work and life.

Are you feeling unfulfilled in accomplishing your creative goals? Do you have an urge to create but not sure how to go about it? Have you started  or in the middle of a creative project and feeling blocked or overwhelmed?  If so, it is time to hire a creativity coach!

Participants in Improv Consultant’s Creativity Coaching programs will learn how to:

  • Increase self-confidence
  • Be more present in the moment
  • Be more creative in decision making
  • Use improvisation to move their creative life story forward
  • Think creatively
Interview Coaching


Getting ready for an interview can be exciting and scary! When preparing. while due diligence can go a long way, there will always be unexpected questions or prompts.

Interview coaching can help you develop the confidence and sense of presence to succeed in any kind of interview situation. We help you develop the ability to improvise, think outside the box and respond with more ease to the unknown.

When to hire an Interview Coach:

  1. Getting ready for an interview and needing support in answering impromptu questions
  2. Desiring to increase interview confidence
Presentation Coaching


A dynamic presenter knows when to include personal stories, metaphors, humor, and audience participation to enhance a conversation, presentation or seminar. Giving time for your audience to talk or engage in an activity can be threatening because it may feel like a loss of control. What if they disagree? What if they won’t stop talking? OR What if no one participates?  

We will work with you to develop the confidence and material to be a dynamic presenter who clearly delivers their message and skillfully engages participants.

When to Hire a Presentation Coach:

  1. Your job requires a more engaging level of communication
  2. You are planning a presentation, workshop or seminar
  3. You have a fear of letting go
  4. Your content feels lifeless
  5. You need a creative approach to leading seminars or presentations
  6. You want to increase your presentation confidence

While there are reputable presentation organizations that will help you develop the formula for a speech, our coaching will enable you to deliver that speech with your unique style and confidence!

Communication Coaching
Professional Development & Fun

Do you find that you have a deer in the headlight reaction when asked a question you are unprepared for?Do you fear making mistakes- so much so that it limits you and impedes your communication? 

Learn how to think creatively, and respond calmly and confidently in the moment with our communication coaching program! Are you looking for a safe and fun way to increase your confidence around speaking (whether it be to one person or many)?

Clients have had the following results after participating in our coaching programs:

  • Make significant job changes for the better
  • Increased rates that they charge their clients
  • Created a presentation to support marketing their business
  • Felt more comfortable in their skin and had fun
  • Became visible- felt more able to connect with the world around them

Session are by either phone/Skype/or in person at our San Rafael office.

What are you waiting for? Jump into something different!

Executive Coaching

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Are you looking to increase your productivity, receive faster promotions, & bigger profits? Are you open to deeper learnings – about yourself, how you’re perceived, & where you can improve? Do you want support & encouragement to “lean in” and make bold moves? Hiring an executive coach to hold a mirror to you and tell you truths others won’t or give you the emotional support, empathy, and encouragement is one of our sweet spots!

Do people stop and listen when you speak? Are you able to command the room? If so, you have likely mastered the  art of executive presence. If not, then you may be in for a rude awakening according to a recent article published in Forbes Magazine.

Executive Presence is the ability to communicate, motivate, inspire, and influence others. It is also the ability to maintain poise under pressure. Those with executive presence have the capacity to be present, give undivided attention, and speak honestly and from the heart. Executive Presence coaching help you as a leader inspire confidence and action in others.

Strong leaders, men and women, know how to use Executive Presence. One leader might be magnetic or charismatic, while another could be quiet and contemplative, depending on the unique character of the person. Anyone is capable of strengthening and developing their presence.

Participants in the Executive coaching program will learn how to:
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Be more present in the moment
  • Be more creative in decision making
  • Be more attentive to others
  • Develop new perspectives
  • Learn how communication affects executive presence
Sessions can take place by SKYPE, phone, or in person at our San Rafael office. Please contact us to schedule an intake session.
Story Telling for Businesses Coaching or Group Course Available

11BJF37Storytelling is a dynamic form of creating human connection and has been around since the beginning of time.

To be able to craft and deliver a story effectively is the difference between engaging your audience or not. A story is all about the emotion and feelings that we can identify with. A great story while it may include details that are unique to you, it will include feelings that are relatable.

We believe that in order to grasp the meaning of story we need to live it and experience it. Storytelling for Business will cover the foundations and principles of storytelling along with an emphasis on using improvisation to analyze and create story. This is a highly interactive course with opportunities for learning, reflection, writing, and creating.


  • Participants will learn the fundamental elements of what makes a great story
  • Myths and Fables will be explored as a launching point to the business myth/fable
  • The narrative will be dissected and rebuilt through interactive games and experiences
  • A great business has to have a hero/heroine- we will explore the hero/heroine stories as they relate to supporting the business story
  • A framework will be introduced to support creating stories on the spot

Benefits of attending:

  • Better understand the role storytelling plays in both our personal and professional lives
  • Better coach your teams/management on how to use storytelling to communicate, inspire and develop/implement strategy
  • Develop a common language to critique stories
  • Define actionable ideas, story tools and methods to develop a variety of different business narratives
  • Be able to clearly identify your audiences needs, obstacles and desires in the stories you create
  • Be a better storyteller
Feedback Session

Unlimited Training Potential

Do you have an upcoming presentation that you need help with? Or do you have video of previous presentations that you would like feedback on? During the Feedback session we will work together to enhance and refine your upcoming presentation so that you feel more confident moving forward.