Participant, Kaiser Permanente

What I appreciated most about the communication team building session was it illustrated and drew out some of the frustrations I have at work.

Specifically the game where we had a story teller —a person in the hot seat, and multiple distractions that did not support team work and yet I had to deliver.

The session also helped me identify what I need to focus on and prioritize it above other competing demands.

Linda – Leadership, Contra Costa
I had the good fortune to attend an interactive Leadership seminar at which Lisa Safran was the featured presenter. From the moment Lisa took the stage to the moment she signed off, she had attendees engaged and attentive. Her delivery was energized by her enthusiasm and comfort level on a stage, in front of an audience, with a microphone in hand. She was as amused and delighted by us – the audience – as we were by her – the speaker, the improv master, the communications expert. She fully filled the hour with compelling stories and inspired ideas and interactive activities, giving each of us valuable takeaways regarding being better listeners, being more comfortable public speakers, and being more accepting of interpersonal communications with friends, family, and business colleagues. Lisa was very well received by this largely professional audience and I highly recommend her to any organization looking for messages of inspiration and information.

Deborah C., San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
I am happy to recommend Improv Consultants-Safran Consulting without reservation. Lisa Safran was a pleasure to work with. She helped facilitate our Communications team retreat.

Our goals were strategic planning, team building and improved internal communications. At first I was skeptical that my team would actively participate in an improvisation forum, but the day exceeded my expectations in every way.

Lisa and her colleague Laura were expert in breaking the ice and getting everyone excited about the activities. I could easily see how well this forum could also work for developing leadership skills as Improv really helps folks to focus on active listening, stepping outside of their comfort zones and effective communication skills.

Plus, it’s really fun. I saw my team bond over sharing laughs, all while we worked towards collaboratively building out a plan to address strategic priorities.

Nutiva Communication Training

Participant, Nutiva

It was fun to share in a safe collaborative environment where we were encouraged to support each other, find our commonalities & interests, and become a strong & innovative team!

The training helped us to listen better, share ideas and remember the strength in creative, open, supportive communication.

Great energy from both leaders!

They were right, it was not terrifying!

Dilraj, 21 Tech LLC
21Tech hired Lisa Safran to provide a Team building workshop to our staff using Improv techniques. We were very happy with the results. Lisa was highly effective, personable, and empathetic with shy employees, working easily to instill confidence in the staff to help each other, support one another and eventually enjoy and build upon a team member’s contribution in exactly the way we had envisioned.

They taught us to use nothing but our wits and each other to create something dynamic and magical.

I am so happy with Lisa’s work with this team, I am bringing Lisa Safran back to provide the same spark with the rest of my company. I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa Safran for corporate team building.