Mission Statement

Our mission is to help businesses educate and strengthen their staff through highly interactive, purposeful, and experiential training & coaching programs. Our core values include fun, collaboration, dedication, learning, and joy. We provide exceptional and personalized service and treat you like you are the only client.

About Boutique Corporate Training

In Other Words…

Safran Consulting provides engaging and enjoyable experiential professional development programs for all types of businesses. We believe in diving in and taking risks. Using learning and development best practices and improvisation we support our clients in building confidence, collaboration, leadership, and creativity. We have expertise in team building, leadership development and communications skills training. Our programs promote collaboration, authentic communication and active listening. Executive coaching is also available to enhance presentation skills and executive presence.

Our Founder’s Story

Lisa Safran

Hello. Thank you for taking the time to visit my company. So what is my story? How did a former teacher end up owning, not one but now two companies?

It all started many years ago. I taught in public schools for over 10 years and prided myself on being able to differentiate- in other words come up with the best teaching strategy for each child based on their unique learning styles.

As a mentor and supervising teacher it was essential that I keep current with education best practices. And I did. I found ways to incorporate theatre to teach language arts- music to teach math – learning centers- various breakout groups so that each child could have a chance at learning what they needed to go to the next level. But let’s go back a bit further.

From the gate, I was creative. I am a composer, actress, improviser – and even dabbled in stand up comedy. That is where I had to draw the line. Stand up is brutal.

Enter Teaching career. 8 years into teaching, feeling tired of it all- not inspired, and wondering if teaching was the right path. I went to Thailand for the winter holiday and to go rock climbing on the beaches in Krabi to think things over. Pulling myself up over that last rock, and just about to come down, my friend Cho yelled- “Lisa- wait. Look at the view” And there it was the beautiful turquoise waters of the Andaman sea and those amazing rock formations. The noise from all the tourists that day felt deafening. December 26, 2004 and the first time I had come to Thailand during the peak season. It was lovely but the crowds and noise seemed oppressive in that moment. Lowering myself, I  pulled the rope down.  I became aware that what was a constant noise was now silence. And then someone yelled, RUN. It was at that moment that the Tsumani hit. Chaos ensued, silence turned into a cacophony of sound and terror.

The reason our story — now 10 years past —is so relevant is that it is what changed my life. From that moment on there was no more time to waste. I had to make sure that each day was filled with people I loved, work I was passionate about, and that my creative spirit was alive and well. There is a lot more to the story and the journey that led to Safran Consulting. Hopefully if you are still reading this, you will reach out at the very least to say hello and allow us to learn more about each other. Click here to go to the contact page and drop me a line. I’d love to connect and hear your stories and discuss ways I can support you, your team or employees!

The combination of my life and work experiences has allowed me to see outside the limits of what is possible. When I think of what is possible instead of impossible and entire world opens up and there are endless paths to take. As a boutique training and development company we get to develop any type of training opportunity that we want! And we have. Our programs range from 100% experiential and interactive to being able to create a workbook, power point, and tone it down – if we must! Trainings can take place at your office, offsite, or at my office in San Rafael in beautiful Marin County. We can take your team on a journey through the little streets of North Beach in San Francisco where they have to perform tasks to support communication, leadership, and team building, ending with cooking an amazing meal with Chef Tom of Hipp Kitchen-  OR we can lead a 2 hour power tool session on how to develop skills to have a courageous conversation and prepare for performance reviews!  

So what about Safran Consulting? As a boutique training company, we have also learned who we like to work with. Our clients are interested in their personal and professional development. They place a high value on education. They invest in their employees. They believe in live training experiences, knowing that interactive and experiential professional development will leave a long lasting impression and retention of information will be at a much higher level. Our clients know that while we take education and training very seriously, one of our core values is fun and we believe that fun and learning are not mutually exclusive.

We listen and interview our potential clients in order to gain a full understanding of the objectives they want to accomplish within their organization.  Once we are clear on specific goals, we customize experiential workshops, or executive coaching to meet those goals. We are the Human Resource director’s best friend. We are an ally to the training and development director, and we are a coach and confidant to our executives and business owners seeking to enhance their communication and presentation skills and move onward and upward.  Our programs provide practical, interactive learning experiences that protect and enhance the investment the company has made in its employees. I’ve gone on long enough. Isn’t time you gave us a call? What are you waiting for?  Click here to contact us now.